by wolve

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released March 4, 2016

Huge thanks to:

JASON HALLYBURTON over at UnderDoom! Studios for recording, mixing, and filling in the drums. facebook.com/underdoomstudios

LUIS IBARRA for all the promotional shootings of this release.

Thank you.



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wolve San Jose, California


IG @wolvesongs

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Track Name: Wishbone
The day I leave everything behind, I will turn gold. My name tasting like salt on your tongue. It must feel disgusting. Don't worry.. Once I'm gone, us, you and me, are done. You waste every second of every day. Your mistake was thinking that I'd wait around. You're not loyal, you're just a liar. Don't tell me you're an abider.
Track Name: Zephyrs
What if.. Seeing each other again changed everything? I hope we're not doing anything that we'll just regret. A regressive approach, I'm slipping under. You're doing the same shit I could've done w you. But, I guess, my company isn't centered in your apathy. Idk where these words have come from, when a year ago I was laying next to you. And you spoke of a lover's life w me. One away and far from here to the stars in our atmosphere. We choked. Now I'm left alone to fear, and your voice heard in zephyrs to my eyes and my ears.